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Advanced Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing including 3d Printing Carbon Fiber Reinforced

Manufacturing and Fabrication Services  for Metallic and Composite Components and Fabrications

Vacuum Bagging

Vacuum bagging and oven curing of prepreg fiberglass and carbon fiber parts.


Hand Layup

Many parts still require hand layup. Very often, legacy drawings still call out hand layup as the only process.


Oven Curing

Oven curing of prepreg fiberglass and carbon fiber parts. 


Resin Infusion

For parts that require a finish on both sides.


Bonding of Parts and Components

Bonding metallic and composite parts/components together according to customer requirements.


Parts Design and Engineering

We offer the design and engineering of parts and components from concept to production. We work primarily with IGIS, DXF and STEP file formats. We can convert legacy 2-d formats into solid models.

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