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NAVSEA Supplier Services

40+ years of experience in NAVSEA Program Development, Project Management and Oversight:

Enterprise Program Management, Quality Systems, Welding and Fabrication, Training, Inspection, Repair

Welding & Joining Technology has on staff:


  • Certified Welding Engineer and Doctor of Engineering.

  • Level III SNT TC 1A NAVSEA Examiner. 

  • NDT Inspectors SNT TC 1A

  • Certified Vocational Education Instructors. 


Program Development

 Audits & Gap Analysis to determine compliance and progress towards NAVSEA standards, codes, and requirements.

Turn-key and Business ready NAVSEA welding and fabrication shops, departments, and business units.


QMS, Inspection, NDT

Quality Management System development and upgrades to comply with NAVSEA standards, codes, and requirements.    

Inspection Personnel NDT/NDE training, audits, support, and Qualification IAW NAVSEA TP271 and NAVSEA 250-1500.  


Development, Training, and certification of personnel in Workmanship Craftmanship, and Welder Workmanship.


Special Processes

  • Welding Procedure (WPS) and Procedure Qualification (PQR) development and certification IAW NAVSEA TP248.

  • NAVSEA Welding and Advanced NAVSEA Welding Training and Certification Programs with NAVSEA certified PQRs.

  • NAVSEA Brazing and Soldering Training and Certification.

  • Welder Workmanship Programs, Processes & Procedures as required by NAVSEA code or standard.


Other NAVSEA Services

  • Customer Audit and Surveillance Support. 

  • NAVSEA Surveillance Audit development and implementation.

  • NAVSEA and EB development, implementation, and certification.

  • Estimating, Sourcing, Contracting, and Purchasing assistance and oversight for NAVSEA projects and programs.

  • Oversight and Leadership - communications and data capture in a NAVSEA environment. Objective Quality Evidence.

  • New Technology and New Process/Procedure Development and oversight. First Piece and Prototype development.

  • Customer Engagement & Relation Management, Capability & Technology Substantiation and Sales Engineering services.



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