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NAVSEA   ABS   DOD: Service

40+ years of experience in NAVSEA Program Development, Project Management and Oversight


Enterprise Program Management, Quality Systems, Welding and Fabrication, Training, Inspection, and Repair

Program Development, QMS, Special Process, Welding Engineering, Training and Certification services for NAVSEA, ABS, DOD, TACOM, NASA as well as Turn-key and Business ready welding and fabrication shops, departments, and business units

Welding procedures qualified to NAVSEA Technical Publication S9074-AQ-GIB-010/248 and S9074-AR-GIB-010/278 for ship structure and piping/machinery/pressure vessels and NAVSEA 250-1500-1 Welding Standard: Naval Nuclear Reactor Plant Welding.

QMS Program audits, reviews and development to NAVSEA standards, Including Workmanship and Welder Workmanship programs in accordance with NAVSEA S9074-AQ-GIB-010/248, S9074-AR-GIB-010/278, MIL-STD-1688, NAVSEA T9074-AD-GIB-010 1688, MIL-STD-1689, Electric Boat EB2678. 


NAVSEA Level III Examiner & NDT/NDE programs to NAVSEA T9074-AS-GIB-010/271, MIL-STD-2035A, NAVSEA 250-1500-1. 

Customer Relation Management, Capability & Technology Substantiation and Sales Engineering services for NAVSEA, DOD, NASA, TACOM, Electric Boat 

We maintain expertise in the following:

NAVSEA S9074-AQ-GIB-010/248, NAVSEA S9074-AR-GIB-010/278, NAVSEA  0900-LP-001-7000, NAVSEA T9074-AD-010-1688, MIL-STD-1689A, NAVSEA T9034-AD-GIB-010-1681, NAVSEA 250-1500-1,  NAVSEA T9074-AS-GIB-010/271, MIL-STD-2035A, WS19143, WS19181B, EB Spec. 2678N QUALITY CONTROL, MIL-STD-3040A, TARDEC GROUND COMBAT VEHICLE WELDING CODE,TE&QA 3030 

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