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Lincoln Leadership-Quote

Drive Transformation

Our team’s experiences and capabilities are the foundation for our passionate drive to implement real world transformations and monumentally improved businesses, creating sustainable profitability while attracting & retaining the elite talent in their segment -- without disrupting workflows.

Value Proposition - Our Positive Impact 

  • We bring:  High-value, non-disruptive methodologies

  • People - Improved: quality, effectiveness & satisfaction

  • Organization - Improved: communications and decision-making processes  


Who We Are

  • 100+ years of combined experience

  • Non-anxious fearless leadership

  • Capability pushes out Chaos

  • Recognize “what works” – whether old, new or untested 

How We Work 

  • Responsive, hands-on engagement 

  • Promote harmony by integrating with existing teams, correcting work systems

  • Cost effective team building to align core priorities  










One of the myths is an orientation toward data rather than the capacity to be decisive, together with the illusion that if only we had known enough, then we could do it or fix anything, and it's adverse - we failed because we did not use the right technique.

Self-Differentiated (non-anxious) Leadership.

Lead through Self-differentiation the solution to imaginative gridlock and chronic anxiety in the organization.

Developing cohesion and engaged employees.

Prioritize organizational climate and materiel readiness equally. Leaders actively develop junior leaders.

Natural systems approach to Leadership or the "general systems theory".

Dr. Murray Bowen, who pioneered the family systems model of understanding family dynamics and intervention.

Followership: A Missing Link between Participative Leadership and Organizational Performance.

Leaders need to develop in all employees the capacity for Deliberate Leadership, which allows them to adapt their approach as necessary to the situation and the individuals whose followership they want to invoke.



 Business Strategy

  • Growth & Transformation

  • Marketing & Branding 


Leadership & Governance



  • Manufacturing

  • Supplier & Customer Management 

  • Supply Chain 

Talent, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Information Systems

  • Technology

  • Data Analytics & Cybersecurity 

 Specialty & Standards

  • Leadership & Governance

  • Quality & QMS

  • Welding & Joining


  • NASA


  • Automotive & Transportation

  • Defense & Aerospace

  • Energy & Resources

  • General Industrial

  • Life Sciences

Leadership Assessment and Development: Service

Our Insights

Drive Transformation

The disappearance of playfulness is a symptom of systemic anxiety. Lacking the capacity to be playful, an organizations perspective is narrow. Lacking perspective the organizations repertoire of responses is weak.

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